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Dama is a company providing cleaning services in Brno and South Moravian Region. We can offer a broad range of cleaning services and are ready to carry out any request of yours. Our friendly and qualified staff approaches every client individually and, respecting his needs and wishes, always offers the most efficient solution. Our prices are therefore very affordable, for you pay for no extra for services you do not need. Moreover, we care about sustainable development and go green - all our detergents are 100% eco-friendly. 

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Services we offer

  • One-time and regular cleaning
  • Cleaning offices and company premises
  • Cleaning apartment buildings
  • Cleaning medical facilities
  • Washing windows and height works
  • Mechanical cleaning and waxing of wooden floors
  • Chemical cleaning and waxing of stairs and floors
  • Carpet cleaning
  • General cleaning in newly- built premises
  • General cleaning after reconstructions

Why are we the company you are looking for?

We can offer you much more than just cleaning services - we can add 12 years of experience, friendly staff, broad range of services and professional cleaning eqiupment.


Friendly staff

Přátelský personálWe believe that a reliable, well-trained and hard-working team is vital for our business, so we take care to choose our staff on the basis of these criteria. We hope you will appreciate their friendly and responsive approach as well.





We can clean anything

Uklidíme cokolivOur company offers you full cleaning service. We clean premises of any size, from small family companies to hospitals, and we are able to realize any non-standard cleaning projects. Every single one is a challenge for us and we do our best to fulfil our commitments.




Cleaning equipment 

Úklidová technika Another important part of our company is the cleaning machinery that ensures quick and efficient cleaning of large areas. We can provide e.g. cleaning and sweeping machines, industrial vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners for grease removal.







Quick Contact

DAMA, spol. s r.o.

Radlická 1170/61
ZIP code 150 00
GSM: +420 725 873 233
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Úklid domu

Úklid domu

Cleaning the house

Úklid domu

Úklid kanceláře

Úklid kanceláře

Office cleaning

Úklid kanceláře

Úklid zdravotnictví

Úklid nemocnice zdravotnictví

Cleaning Health

Úklid nemocnice

Voskování parket

Voskování parket

Waxing floor

Voskování parket

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